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Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangladesh

Bulk SMS marketing is a new era in Bangladesh. This marketing strategy helps to get more sales and conversion for every business or service provider. If you are looking for the bestbulk SMS service provider in Bangladesh then you are in the right place.

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Bulk SMS Service Price in Bangladesh

We’ve got a plan to fit your need

Non-Masking SMS

per sms


  • Minimum Buy: 1000 TK
  • Fixed Sender Number: No
  • Inbox Rate : 99.9%
  • API Access: Yes
  • Delivery Report: Yes
  • Validity: 90 Days
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Masking SMS

per sms


  • Minimum Buy: 6000 TK
  • Masking Sender ID: Yes
  • Approval Time: 7 Days
  • Inbox Rate : 99.9%
  • API Access: Yes
  • Validity: 365 Days
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SMS Bundle

3000 - 12500
per package

SMS Packages

  • 10,000 Masking : 5000 TK
  • 20,000 Masking : 9000 TK
  • 50,000 Masking : 21000 TK
  • 10000 No-masking : 3000 TK
  • 20000 No-masking : 5800 TK
  • 50000 No-masking : 12500 TK
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bulk sms service provider in Bangladesh

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing (short message marketing) is a digital marketing technique that uses permission-based text messaging to notify promotional message. In this marketing strategy vendors needs permission to send the message. Business or service provider collected their targeted customer’s number using different sources. One of the most common sources is customer recorded numbers database.

Types of Bulk SMS Service :

There are two different types of SMS marketing strategy.
1. Non-Masking SMS
2. Masking SMS

What is Masking SMS: 

Masking SMS is very popular to any business owner. You also called it branded SMS. Masking SMS service can send your text message to the receiver with containing your brand or business name. Here is an example of masking SMS (SMS from Govt.). This is a good practice in bulk SMS marketing services. Masking SMS price is higher than the non-masking SMS. XDCODER are giving masking SMS service in Bangladesh at the lowest price.

What Non-masking SMS:

Non-masking SMS service is known as non-branded SMS. It delivers a message to the received in a random number. Non-masking SMS price is less than masking price. If you want to make your business as a brand, we recommend you don’t use this type of bulk SMS service. But if you want to run any one-time SMS marketing campaign then you can start. We have different packages for a non-masking SMS service.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

Why bulk SMS marketing service is important? 

Nowadays Newspaper ads, Tv commercials are costly. If you are starting a new business with the lowest capital then you can use SMS marketing service. This marketing strategy helps you to reach a million people within a second. Today most of the people are using mobile phones, so your chance is higher if you want to reach your services to the customer easily.

Besides the other digital marketing services like Email Marketing, SEOSMM, etc. You can start SMS marketing. You can use SMS marketing to spread your promotional offer. This is the best way to make any business as a brand.XDCODER bulk SMS service helps you promote your new offer.