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InVideo Reviews: Features, Pricing, Free Trial – Explained

InVideo Review : Our Verdict

InVideo is an easytouse online video editing and creation platform for users of all levels. It offers powerful, easytouse tools for creating creative videos with great effects in a short period of time. 

With InVideo‘s drag-and-drop editing suite, users can quickly switch between themes, adjust colors, and add text, photos, and video clips to finish their project in a few simple steps. 

InVideo provides users with a library of music, videos, and templates to choose from, making it easier for users to quickly create professionallevel videos. Moreover, InVideos efficient rendering time and quality output make it a great choice for creating high-quality videos.



Starting price


Shorts Video



  • Intuitive interface which makes video creation a breeze.
  • Thousands of templates to help create videos quickly and easily.


  • It doesnt have a video output to connect to an external monitor.
  • Upscaling videos can be a bit tricky.

InVideo : At a Glance

InVideo is an AIdriven video creation platform that makes it easy for everyone to create compelling videos for their business or personal channels. From the extensive library of media and templates, users can easily customize and edit their videos to bring out their creative vision. It also allows users to collaborate with team members or other external partners. Key features include customizable templates, integrated analytics, an integrated media library, and content discovery tools.

InVideo is an affordable yet powerful video creation platform with flexible pricing. It provides users with several plans for video production and promotion. Additional features include pay-as-you-go subscription plans and custom quotes. InVideo also offers an exclusive Business plan that unlocks a range of features and integrations for advanced video marketing and advertising.

InVideo upgrades provide enhanced workflows and features that allow marketers and video creators to make more money. It includes access to more sophisticated video editing tools as well as sophisticated analytics and insights. Upgrading can offer users more creative freedom, allowing them to create more engaging videos and take their content to the next level.

Other Benefits

InVideo is a powerful and userfriendly video creation platform that makes it easy to create stunning videos in minutes. With InVideo, you can create professionallevel videos with minimal effort and time. You can easily create video content with engaging visuals, background music, and text, or leverage a library of dozens of fully customizable templates to create amazing videos in minutes.

Context WeVideo Invideo FlexClip
Stock Video

InVideo is a cloudbased video editing platform designed to make creating engaging and professionallevel videos a breeze. This platform provides a vast array of features and tools, from text and image overlays, to custom templates and soundtracks, to dynamic transitions and advanced effects.

WeVideo is an easy to use online video platform that allows users to quickly and easily create compelling videos. WeVideo provides a wide range of tools and features for creating stunning videos, including a library of royaltyfree music and sound effects, transitions, video animations, and text overlays.

FlexClip is a webbased video editor that enables users to create professionallevel videos without requiring any prior knowledge or experience. With just a few clicks, users can add music, easily customize the look and feel of their video, and layer multiple clips together to create a polished finished product.

Is InVideo Right for You or Your Business?

InVideo video editing and production software is an impressive tool for making videos that convey a message in the most engaging and visually pleasing manner. This software is very user-friendly and provides the user with a variety of options to customize their videos for their desired outcome. With options for music, voiceover, text, and visuals, InVideo has the power to effectively deliver your message in a creative and unique way.

For personal users or for businesses, InVideo stands out as an excellent choice for all levels of video editing. Even novice users with little to no background in video production can use this software to produce great-looking videos. Professional users can also utilize all the features that InVideo provides to make detailed and specialized videos for various projects. With its variety of resources and its ease of use, InVideo is an effective choice for creating compelling videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an AIpowered video creation platform that allows you to create stunning videos in minutes. It allows you to pick templates and add visuals, text, music, and more to customize the video.

How much does InVideo cost?

InVideo has a Free Forever plan as well as three paid plans to choose from: Professional, Business, and Agency. Prices vary depending on the plan you choose.

How easy is it to edit videos with InVideo?

InVideo is designed to be easy to use, even for a beginner. It features a simple draganddrop editor that allows you to easily add visuals, text, music, and more to customize your videos.

Does InVideo offer support to its users?

Yes, InVideo offers a variety of support options to its users. You can find tutorials, FAQs and guides on its website, as well as email and phone support.

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