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If you need the best POS software in Bangladesh then you are in the right place. XDCODER software development team made a point of a sales system that can meet your business goal. Contact us today to try it free. 

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POS Software Price in Bangladesh

To keep track of sales, transactions, and inventory, your superstore may turn to paper. Creating reports has become a problem in the manual Business Process despite the ease with which records may be kept. Products, sales, purchases, accounting, and inventory may all be tracked with our POS software. We provide web-based point-of-sale software with bar code printing and connectivity for managing various enterprises online.

Small Business

10,000 5,000/Year
  • Online POS Software
  • Access from Sub-domain
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Products
  • SMS Marketing
  • Due Sell ( কিস্তি )
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Brand Business

15,000 7,500/Year
  • Online POS Software
  • Access from Sub-domain
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Products
  • SMS Marketing
  • Due Sell ( কিস্তি )
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8,000 4,000/Branch
  • Online POS Software
  • Access from Sub-domain
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Products
  • SMS Marketing
  • Due Sell ( কিস্তি )
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What is a POS system?

Point of Sale (POS) is the Software that consumers and business owners transect. When a customer purchases products from a store, a receipt is provided. The system ensures that inventory, reporting, and orders are all accurate. A POS system also improves customer service by saving time, increasing efficiency, and decreasing labor costs. Many distinct types of point-of-sale systems exist based on the kind of company. We designed POS software for small businesses to Enterprise owner.

What Is the Process of a Point of Sale Device?

You can see how it’s working right there in front of your eyes. At restaurants and shops, you may have seen a customer check out using a computer or a large touch screen—a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, credit card swiper. POS app helps retailers to transact on computers, iPads, and other devices. Secure remote server access is provided via cloud-based POS. Every point-of-sale system is connected. Software users may access them from any location and at any time.

The features are:

  1. Sales Management:
  2. Purchase Management
  3. Suppliers and Customers
  4. Items, Category, Brands
  5. Customers Roles & Users
  6. Tax & Tax Grouping
  7. Multi-language
  9. Multiple Reports
  10. Multiple Currencies
  11. Expense Management
  12. Multiple Invoice Formats
  13. Detailed Documentation

Have any question in your mind?

Why is Our POS Software in The best in Bangladesh?

  1. MIS: Complete company analysis can be done using innovative and distinctive reporting solutions. Analyze customer behavior and sales patterns to increase the number of things you sell.
  2. COST-EFFECTIVE: The cost-effective system can be upgraded as the customer’s company expands.
  3. CUSTOMIZABLE: All displays and data input may be translated into many languages.
  4. SPEED & ACCURACY: Data entry takes much less time with our system since it is so rapid and reliable.
  5. MODERN REPORTING SYSTEM: With the pos system software, create various invoicing, inventory management, and reporting tools to keep up with the latest and fastest-moving technology.
  6. SCALABLE: The capacity to scale from a single desktop installation to a vast network of servers and provide cloud-hosted services for products.
  7. SUPPORT: As a result, the company approaches the execution of its goods with a high degree of attention and professionalism. It’s straightforward to get in direct contact with its call center staff. Call us to get help.

3 Solutions Enough to Take a Decision to Use Point of Sales

Remove Human Errors: Manually operating your company might lead to mistakes. You and your staff make errors, and your business is prone to them. Minor errors won’t bankrupt you. Loss may matter over time. 1% loss in a year is a lot for any firm. POS ensures error-free precision.

Boost Productivity: You may go on if your inventory matches your sales. Any POS system adds sales to the list. So there are no discrepancies between what’s sold and what’s left. Don’t double-check. If POS and accounting software are connected, you’ll save time, money, and resources.

Save Your Time: POS quickens checkout. Barcodes can be scanned and labeled. You can perform transactions from anywhere in the business using a credit card reader on your iPad or iPhone running POS software. It speeds up inventory and payroll. You may search for transactions using the tool.

What Advantages Does Point-of-Sale (POS) Software Offer?

POS systems are the backbone of every sales operation. It comes with a slew of advantages. These are a few examples:

  • Business impact: A POS system gives you greater control over your business. You’ll know how many things you’ve sold, how many are remaining, and how many to purchase. POS software can accomplish all this.
  • Precise operation: Every sale involves numbers, customers, and things. Manually using a paper-based approach increases the chance of errors. Since you don’t need to recheck each purchase request since POS software records transactions, controls inventory, and analyzes sales patterns.
  • Effectiveness in business: Computerized method produces correct paperwork and saves time. It quickly manages sales numbers, reports, invoices, and orders. POS systems boost office and sales efficiency. Barcode scanners and credit card terminals make POS systems promising.
  • Analytical ability: POS analyzes company data. You must deal with sales trends, reports, and other data in business. Handling and gathering data manually is hard. It’s possible to see trends, good and bad points, and possible fixes using POS software.
  • Client communication: Customer information is stored in POS software. The specifics of the client. Find out who and what your most important consumers are buying. In order to gratify your customers and get the most out of them, you may be able to provide a better bargain. It’s also possible that you’ll get a discount. This program will help you build a better connection with your clients.
  • Networking with other terminals: POS software can connect to the internet. Any terminal or portable device may connect with the system, regardless of location. You’ll be able to keep track of all of your sales in one place.
  •  Affordability: POS software has numerous sophisticated capabilities yet costs less than other company applications and software. If you want POS software, you have multiple options, but the supplier will customize it.
  • Shrinkage security: Stores may use POS software to keep track of their inventory as well as their promotional campaigns and orders. It tracks worker performance. Considering all these advantages, you must get POS software for your firm today.